When the CEG met in December 2020

The CEG met virtually on 7 December and received an update from the Company on its Covid response, the Government’s 10 Point Plan and the awaited RIIO-2 Final Determination.

The Company responded to a number of questions including for example, their role in engaging with the public on hydrogen and its future use.

The Group then focussed on the Company’s work on Transforming Back Office Functions, followed by a presentation and discussion on its Whole Systems Programme.

The meeting concluded with an update on the Company’s work on Stakeholder Engagement.

On 8 December, Ofgem published its RIIO-2 Final Determination (FD). This is an important milestone as it is the regulator’s decision on company activities and spending for the next five years. Our Independent CEG report on NGN’s business plan, submitted on 23 December 2019, formed part of  the evidence the regulator used to determine its decision.  In September 2020, we commented on Ofgem’s Draft Determination, and took part in an open meeting held in October. Following the Final Determination, there are a number of other processes which now come into play, including an opportunity for companies to appeal the regulator’s findings should they deem that necessary.

On FD publication day, the CEG was invited to take part in a briefing from the regulator, who gave a presentation on the key points and outcomes and took a number of questions.  On 15 December, the CEG received a presentation from the Company on their initial summary of the FD. The CEG next meets in February.

CEG members would like to extend Season’s Greetings and all good wishes for 2021.