Putting customers at the heart of
Northern Gas Networks’ plans and actions


The Northern Gas Networks Customer Engagement Group (CEG) is an independent group responsible for providing challenge on whether the North of England’s gas distribution networks’ next business plan, known as GD2, meets its commitments to customers.

The group aims to represent the needs and interests of current and future customers in ensuring Northern Gas Networks both develops and delivers an affordable and sustainable business plan, including encouraging the company to consider the impacts on the environment and wider society in a customer context.

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The Customer Engagement Group is here to champion customers throughout much of Yorkshire, the North East and northern Cumbria. Our role is to scrutinise Northern Gas Networks’ business plans and make sure they truly reflect what customers want and need.

The regulator, OFGEM, has published more detail on the role and focus of the Customer Engagement Group. Find out more here.

Our key objectives are to:

  • Assess, challenge and ultimately shape Northern Gas Networks business plan.

  • Ensure the needs of millions of customers, including the most vulnerable, are truly reflected in the services they receive.

  • Contribute to both local and national drive to innovate and decarbonise a vital element of the UK’s energy mix.

  • Promote the economic growth of a large swathe of the North of England, by steering the strategy of one of its largest employers and investors.


We’re passionate about the value of customer-led services and will be sharing our skills, experience and expertise to help create a gas network fit for the future.

Our panel is made of members with expertise and specialist knowledge in finance and commercial strategy, gas distribution and the regulatory framework, social inclusion and fuel poverty, innovation and the future of energy and environmental improvement and decarbonisation.

Members were recruited in an open selection process. A recruitment pack setting out the core skills and experience required for the role was publicised on Northern Gas Networks’ website, and through social media channels and local and national media. Potential candidates submitted their applications to CEG Chair Jenny Saunders, who interviewed them and selected the group.

Jenny Saunders

"I feel privileged to represent customers across this network. The Customer Engagement Group will be a powerful guiding force that shapes Northern Gas Networks’ business plan."

Eddie Proffitt

"The gas industry is entering a challenging period and I would like to bring my experience in the Industrial and Commercial consumer sector to contribute to a positive outcome for Northern Gas Networks leading to benefits for all consumers."

Professor Simon Pringle

"Price reviews create an opportunity to focus on the way in which gas distribution networks set priorities and deliver value. I am pleased to have the opportunity to work with Northern Gas Networks and ensure that stakeholder engagement is effective and the voice of the customer is heard."

Melanie Laws

"Engaging with customers and understanding their views is a key part of business success and I hope that my experience in local government and with other regulated industries helps secure and assure excellent customer engagement in Northern Gas Network’s business planning."

Kate McNicholas

"With a background in economic development, I’m particularly interested in the sustainability and resilience of our region’s infrastructure. I have over 15 years’ experience in the public sector, supporting direction setting and business planning via strategy development and the effective engagement of users and stakeholders."

Ivan Jepson

"I’m delighted to be joining the Customer Engagement Group and hope to provide useful challenge on a range of issues impacting Northern Gas Networks plans and policies. I believe that the value I bring to the group’s work is my broad experience and my naturally inquisitive style, which enable me to ask questions from a different perspective to some of my colleagues, so that together we offer a well-rounded challenge to Northern Gas Networks."

Dave Wright

"As both a customer and an industry representative I can see things from more than one perspective and participation in this group will aid Northern Gas Networks on this exciting journey."

Carol Pitkeathley

"As a recognised industry expert who is passionate about ensuring consumers are at the heart of decisions made about them, I joined the committee to ensure that the consumer voice is heard and that not only are engagement and business plans robust but they are also inclusive and align with consumer and community priorities."

Amjad Pervez

"It’s my pleasure to be part of Northern Gas Networks Customer Engagement Group whose remit to deliver better outcomes for customers is entirely aligned to my personal values and expertise."

Dr Alan Lowdon

"British Gas was very formative in my career development; joining Northern Gas Networks Customer Engagement Group allows me the opportunity to give back to customers and the wider industry."

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