When the CEG met in February 2020

The CEG did not meet in January but decided instead to focus on and analyse the reports of the other Customer Engagement Groups and, on its release at the end of January, consider the report of the national Ofgem Customer Challenge Group (CCG) which outlines the Group’s independent views on the energy network company Business Plans for RIIO-2. Our report forms part of the evidence considered by the CCG. The CCG report is available on Ofgem’s website at RIIO-2 Challenge Group Independent Report to Ofgem , as are the reports of all the CEGs, including ours.  More information on the next steps will be available shortly.

We met again on 10 February. We received a comparison overview and analysis of the Business Plans of all the Companies, which provided a useful benchmark, among other things. We also considered an update on the price review, and on stakeholder engagement.

It is likely that there will be an enduring scrutiny and assurance role for the CEG, and we felt it important to be ‘ahead of the curve’ and start preparing a work programme, draft remit and so on.  Whilst the final agreement on the price review will not take place until December 2020, the Company is already considering what it needs to do to meet its commitments for the future.

Finally, there are a couple of vacancies on the CEG and these will be advertised in due course.