The CEG’s final discussions on NGN’s Business Plan and producing the final report

December’s meeting was arguably our most important to date as it marked our final discussion on NGN’s Business Plan, and we finalised our report to Ofgem on the BP.

We submitted our report on 23 December 2019 and the report can be read in full on their website:

Over the last few months we have published monthly blogs on our discussions and the topics we considered, which covered all aspects of the business plan from NGN’s track record to the environment and innovation. In our report we give particular focus as to whether we consider that NGN have delivered a plan that puts customers and communities first, and whether NGN’s proposals will deliver better outcomes for customers and stakeholders. We have not considered financial matters as these are not within our remit and therefore out of scope.

The report aims to inform Ofgem’s final determination of NGN’s allowable revenue for RIIO-2. We hope that it is also helpful to customers and stakeholders that have been engaged through the planning process and others with an interest in NGN’s business. We have tried to ensure that our conclusions are based on evidence we have seen or heard.