The CEG meetings in October and November

The activity of the CEG has significantly ramped up as we progress with the writing of our report alongside continuing to review topic areas and receive updates from the Company.

In October, we heard the results of NGN’s Business Plan Acceptability testing. This work is a critical part of the Business Plan development process and it was important for us to spend some considerable time looking at rigour of approach and findings.

We spit into groups and undertook deep dives into Stakeholder Insights, Innovation, Digitalisation Strategy and Revised Costs. We came together as a group to conduct a deep dive into work workforce resilience.

We also spent some time looking at how stakeholder engagement has developed throughout the course of the last year, and, finally, received a requested update on Local Area Energy Action Plans.

In November, the Chair and NGN provided feedback from a question and answer session held by the national CCG Group which took place at the end of October.

We then discussed the latest draft Business Plan and followed this by reviewing our challenge log and examining any extant challenges.

A large part of our meeting focussed on our reviewing individual sections of our emerging report – an important job to do before bringing all the chapters together.