When the CEG were presented Draft V1.1 of the Business Plan

The CEG met in Leeds on 19 September to discuss a number of issues as the Business Plan develops.

Importantly, the Group received a presentation on the draft version V1.1 of the Business Plan and gave initial feedback.  The Group also noted that discussions continued to be held with stakeholders, including local authorities, and with the regulator.

The Group then discussed its own report and the writing schedule.

One of the elements of the process is for the Company to consider and respond to OFGEM’s Business Plan Incentive (BPI).  Part of this is a potential Customer Value Proposition (CVP), and the Group was briefed on what this was, where it sat in the BVI process and the Company’s proposed approach to CVP, including the Value framework map and identified areas for inclusion.

The Group also conducted deep dives into the following:

  • Vulnerability Strategy;
  • Whole Systems Strategy.