The CEG taking part in Deep Dives in July

We met on 15th July to give focus to a number of critical issues.  We started by reviewing our challenge log, which provides a record of the challenges we have made and which are ongoing.  We also reviewed our effectiveness criteria, looking in particular at what we had achieved to date.  We then spent time in smaller groups, examining in detail several aspects of the business plan.  This was very useful and enabled us to ‘deep dive’ into important areas including innovation, and how the company proposes to meet the needs of customers and stakeholders, among other things.

Finally, we have been asked to provide a short summary to the national CCG on our progress etc, and so it was important to agree as a group the key messages.

We concluded our meeting by reflecting on our discussions and key comments for our business plan evaluation.  We always do this as a group without the company present – as part of the independent approach to our role.