When the CEG met in June

The preparation of the first version of the Business Plan is well underway. At our June meeting, we received an update on the latest OFGEM methodology, and, among other things, we are pushing for the regulator to ensure that customer facing outputs receive prominence and priority. We received a presentation on the emerging draft business plan and noted that, due to time constraints, the company is, by and large, using the earlier (December 2018) methodology but future iterations would of course take into account the latest (May 2019) guidance (we noted that there are some differences/additions).

We spent some considerable times scrutinising in some depth the different sections of the Business Plan. We did this in groups, taking into account experience and expertise and also bringing in different perspectives, and fed in comments and challenge to the Company.  Following the meeting, we completed this initial exercise, and also identified where further ‘deep dives’ would be required.

In addition, we received a report from Simon Pringle who attended a workshop on behalf of our Chair involving CEG/CCG/UG Chairs, which had included discussion on the environment, energy transition, whole systems, customer vulnerability, innovation and R&D projects, physical security and stakeholder engagement.