Find out what the CEG have been up to at the meeting in May

As we move closer to receiving the first draft of NGN’s business plan, we are now getting into discussing the more fine-grained detail of the structure and content of the plan.  In so doing, we are continuing to offer challenge and request clarity, among other things.

At our May meeting, Non- Executive Board member Paul Rogerson attended for the duration.

We had a presentation on the current thinking on the Business Plan Structure. In addition to the discussions thus far, our intention is to interrogate in some detail each aspect of the plan once the draft is produced. Understanding the narrative flow of the structure would be important and the Group is expecting that meeting the needs of customers and stakeholders will be a ‘golden thread’ throughout the plan.

We then spent some time on considering the proposed content in the following areas:

  • Our Innovation Approach;
  • Guaranteeing Value for Money;
  • Controllable Operating Costs;
  • Capital Expenditure;
  • Replacement Expenditure.

Paul Rogerson gave some feedback on how the Board views the process and how it engages with it. We had a useful discussion and the CEG Chair also fed back on her recent meeting with the Board.

We are awaiting Ofgem’s next energy network price control methodology and the sector specific document (for the period starting on 1 April 2021), due to be published towards the end of May.