When the CEG visited the Carlisle Depot in April 2019

The Group met at the Company’s Carlisle depot for their April meeting, to get a feel for how the Cumbria area is served. We had a presentation from NGN’s Matty McBride, focussing on replacement work, E&R, connections and maintenance.

During the meeting, we had an update on stakeholder engagement from NGN and from Group members, who have been undertaking a ‘deep dive’ into the programme. This was followed by a discussion on guaranteed standards of performance (GSOP) including a presentation from Citizens Advice.

The Group then moved on to detail in respect of the developing business plan, specifically, presentations and discussion on a number of proposed business plan outputs including on the following:

  • Meeting the needs of consumers and network users;
  • Maintaining a safe and resilient network.

On ‘Meeting the needs of consumers and network users’ we looked at supply interruptions (planned and unplanned), emergency and repair, major incident standards, complaint handling, customer satisfaction and vulnerability.  In relation to ‘Maintaining a safe and resilient network’, we looked at NARM, REPEX, Data accuracy, gas holders, exit capacity, cyber resilience and shrinkage.